Basics of California Law for LMFTs, LPCCs, and LCSWs
Third Edition

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New in 2015

This major update from the 2014 edition integrates several recent key changes in California law and regulation, and new codes of ethics from the American Counseling Association (2014) and the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (2015). Substantive changes include:

  • Reformatted to 6x9
  • Added table numbers throughout
  • Updated AAMFT and ACA ethics code references throughout
  • Added ethics language to state line issue (ch 1)
  • Added info on BBS intern hours proposal (ch 2)
  • Updated chart of LPCC experience requirements (ch 2)
  • Added info on exam subversion in social media (ch 3)
  • Added new 7-year record retention standard (ch 3)
  • Added info on uniform standards related to substance use violations (ch 3)
  • Added info on social media to informed consent (ch 4)
  • Added importance of defining who is the client (ch 4)
  • Added new 7-year record retention standard (ch 5)
  • Added new 24-hour reporting requirement for threat to others (ch 5)
  • Added info on confidentiality in the internet age (ch 5)
  • Added info on sexting legislation (ch 6)
  • Added info on ban on reparative therapy for minors (ch 6)
  • Clarified LPCC restriction on family work (ch 6)
  • Added info on BBS cite-and-fine authority for advertisements (ch 8)
  • Added new ACA requirements on web sites and social media (ch 8)
  • Added info on networking groups (ch 8)
  • Updated info on use of MFTI and PCCI in advertising (ch 8)
  • Added info on ABD degree status (ch 8)
  • Updated info on LPCCs and LCSWs use of testimonials (ch 8)
  • Added info on telehealth organizations (ch 9)
  • Added info on HITECH Act (ch 9)
  • Updated chart of ethical requirements for use of technology (ch 9)
  • Added note on unpaid internships in for-profit settings (ch 10)
  • Added California's reparative therapy ban as an example of effective advocacy (ch 10)
  • Added list of tables (Appendix)

And of course, some typos have been fixed and some language cleared up where necessary.

Perhaps the best change, though, is the price. The third edition sells for $79, which is $20 less than previous editions.

Basics of California Law for LMFTs, LPCCs, and LCSWs - Third edition (2015)